Terrafirma Ceramics

Ellen Evans grew up in a creative environment surrounded by a family of musicians, but it was not until college that she began experimenting in visual arts. Evan's first production pieces were large urns inspired by ancient Minoan and Mycenaean designs. However, her work soon shifted to tableware, which has become the defining signature of her career. The artist founded Terrafirma Ceramics in 1980. Evan's clay pieces are strong and functional, but made to look delicate with a surface application of porcelain. The artist produces simple silhouettes made vibrant by her focus on texture and pattern, created by painting through textiles and fine lace with liquid porcelain. Evans has traveled the world in search of these vintage fabrics, giving her pieces a distinctly classic look while maintaining organic, almost ancient characteristics. She continues produce her work out of her studio in New York City, the largest of only a few pottery studios left in NYC.