Megan Thorne

Megan Thorne first began her design career in fashion, working with patterned textiles and lace to create couture clothing and lingerie. She started making jewelry when she took a metal-smithing class for leisure, only to then fall in love with the mediums of precious metals and stones. In 2007, Thorne launched her jewelry business, Megan Thorne Fine Jewels, out of her garage in Texas. Thorne did not abandon textile fashion entirely, as her jewelry and bridal designs are primarily informed by exquisite fabrics and lace, eliciting a look reminiscent of delicate embroidery and brocade. Her engagement rings and wedding bands are romantic, feminine, and elegantly timeless. With sophisticated textural nuance and period-inspired charm, Thorne's nostalgic work is ideal for an enduring look.

This is a small collection representative of the artist's work. Other ring styles are available. Please contact us for details at 413-586-1119.