Johanna Brierley

Since registering her business in 2007, Johanna Brierley Jewellery Design has become recognized for unique and timeless pieces of jewelry inspired by lucky stones. For generations, Johanna's family has been collecting lucky stones with natural holes as hole stones are believed to be symbols of good luck. As a child, Johanna made numerous jewelry pieces incorporating lucky stones only to discover that over time, the real stones would crack and break. It wasn't until studying Jewellery Arts at George Brown College in Toronto that Johanna was able to solve her dilemma of the breaking lucky stones. By learning the processes of molding and lost wax casting, Johanna turned her lucky stones into silver and gold giving the natural shapes strength and durability. Johanna mold and cast her first lucky stone, a stone with a hole in the shape of a heart she named Lucky in Love, in 2000. Johanna now works with an assistant at her home-studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and hopes to share the luck she has found through her pieces of jewelry.