Bohemia Design

Terracotta Medium Babouche Slippers

SKU 494-18655
These Bohemia Design slippers are made by a team of highly skilled craftsmen in a family run workshop in Marrakech using traditional techniques. Made of terracotta dyed leather and size medium (US 7-8.5). Handmade from the finest quality hides, the leather is cured using organic processes, which may leave a residual scent that will fade once they have had a chance to air out. The leathers are dyed and dried in the sun before being stitched. Minor flaws and imperfections are characteristic of natural materials and traditional methods. CARE: These leather soled slippers are designed for indoor use on smooth, dry surfaces and are not suitable for outdoor or poolside wear. We recommend cleaning your babouche with a dry or slightly damp cloth keeping use of water to an absolute minimum.