Alana Douvros

Hilal Necklace

SKU 363-14801
Alana Douvros creates her jewelry around raw gemstones, fully embracing the intrinsic beauty in their natural, organic appearance. Using recycled metals, Alana's jewelry is a fine balance of nature and geometry. This gold-filled necklace contains Amethyst, dark apatite, electric AAA apatite, lepidolite mica, garnet, spessartite garnet, pink spinel, pink tourmaline, citrine, wulfenite, calcite, fuchsite, green turquoise, chrome diopside, peridot, blue turquoise, chrysocolla, peacock pyrite, raw silicate, pyrite, muscovite, black tourmaline and black freshwater pearl. The gemstone segment measures approximately 8.5 inches across. Chain measures 18 inches total. All gemstones are completely natural so each stone is unique. Handcrafted in US.