Island In the Sun Soap

SKU 521-21193
Fruity and floral, this creamy tropical natural body soap by Jukebox will remind you of fun times spent in the sun. With notes of jsamine, citrus, and coconut, this 4.5 oz soap contains bamboo powder that acts as a light exfoliant and is rich in nutrients and silica. The soaps are made using the cold process saponification method, where fats and natural oils combine with lye to make soap (for cleansing) and glycerin (a natural moisturizing agent). Ingredients include saponified oils of (coconut, olive, castor), organic shea butter, ylang ylang essential oil, Indian bamboo powder, kaolin clay, and sea salt. No parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Dermatologist tested. Certified cruelty free. Sustainably sourced. Made in the US.